Author: cai-pan

Dear friends, dear business partners, 


the time has come to deliver a sad message:

Last Friday, Peter Pampel, founder of CAI-PAN, passed away at the age of 86.

We are very grateful that he was part of our lives. He was an endearing and inspiring person with whom we (and some of you) had good, long and entertaining conversations. He was a smart, brave and successful businessman. At the beginning of the 1980s, Peter Pampel developed the first udder cream containing mint oil. The idea was created out of his massage therapy practice and in cooperation with a farmer.


He will be missed.


Kind regards, 

Daniel and Marina Münch with Renate Oder 

We have been selling CAI-PAN®mint in Italy for many years, we have very loyal customers in Italy and the farmers love our products. Since June we have a new customer located near Parma: CAI-PAN®sprizz is available at F2 diagnostic now. F2 diagnostic sells products for pets and productive livestock. The farmers who have started to use the spray have noticed that it cools the skin of the udder and that the nourishing ingredients make the skin of the udder nice and soft.

udder care with the ease of a spray – perfect around calving

The lotion comes as a convenient spray and saves valuable time. No massaging is necessary as lotion is absorbed quickly by skin. Herbal essences nourish skin of the udder: thyme, lavender and calendula cleanse, soothe and moisturize skin of the udder. Pure CAI-PAN® Japanese peppermint oil refreshes skin of the udder instantly. Ideal around calving: the skin of the udder becomes smooth, the spray increases well-being. CAI-PAN® sprizz is free of preservatives. Available in transparent and blue. Food-grade coloured blue lotion for your animal marking convenience – visible until next milking. Available in 500ml spray bottle and 5 liter refill-canister.

In November 2014, CAI-PAN took part in the Eurotier in Hanover. The trade show is the world’s leading trade fair for animal production professionals with more than 156.000 guestst from more than 100 countries and with more than 2.100 exhibitors from around 50 countries. We were able to welcome our long-time customers at our booth and we also exchanged interesting information about udder and animal care with visitors from all over the world. In addition to our well-tried product CAI-PAN®mint, we presented the latest addition to the product family: our udder spray CAI-PAN®sprizz.